Dziennik zakrapiany rumem
Paul Kemp porzuca nowojorski hałas na rzecz błogiego spokoju wyspy Portoryko i przyjmuje posadę w lokalnej gazecie. Umilając sobie czas pokaźnymi dawkami rumu, Paul poznaje i błyskawicznie traci głowę dla zmysłowej Chenault...
Dziennik zakrapiany rumem
Cokolwiek się zdarzy
Alex jest scenarzystą. Pracuje nad osobistym tekstem: historią o weekendzie z bardzo klarownie wyznaczonym celem. Będzie kochał się ze swoją żoną cztery razy. Nie zmieni ani jednej linijki tekstu? Jak to ma się do rzeczywistości?
Cokolwiek się zdarzy
Łowca trolli
Hans to tajemniczy jegomość z brodą niczym Rumcajs, samotnie wędrujący po lasach i ostępach Norwegii. Pozornie jest kłusownikiem polującym na niedźwiedzie. Prawda jest jednak inna - Hans poluje na... trolle!
Łowca trolli
Mission Impossible: Ghost...
Oskarżony o zamach bombowy na Kreml, agent Ethan Hunt z resztą zespołu zostaje zwolniony z obowiązków. Pozostawiony bez środków i wsparcia, Ethan musi znaleźć sposób na oczyszczenie dobrego imienia agencji...
Mission Impossible: Ghost...
Pierwsze 24 godziny finansowego kryzysu na Wall Street. Kulisy wydarzeń, które zmieniły cały świat. Analityk pracujący firmy z Wall Street, odkrywa niepokojące dane, które wskazują na nieprawidłowości finansowe..

Anatomia strachu (2011)

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Dodano 8 lat temu; 06.03.2012, 07:45:45
Most people that write about wedding fashion talk mainly about what the women are going to wear. Since there are two people getting married, I think it’s time the guys got their due as well. Sure, it’s a little hard to do much with a tuxedo or suit, and yet there are still a few things that a groom might think of in making himself at least compete with the bride for looking a bit more spiffy. Here are 4 ideas to think of:
1. Wear a vest of a counter color to the suit or tuxedo. If you’re wearing black, go with a white vest, or even a bright red. If you’re wearing blue, a nice grey offsets it nicely. Everyone doesn’t think of vests if they wear a suit but it’s something that will help you stand out in some fashion so think about it.
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2. Pinstripes. These days a groom can get a nice pinstripe along the seams of the pants, and it’s even possible to get one with different colored pinstripes. If it’s not already done, you can ask for it and most places will accommodate you. Make sure it’s not too wide, and if it’s reflective, it’ll look even cooler in pictures. Some tuxedo jackets come with pinstriping along the lapels, so think about asking for that as well.
3. This is going to seem somewhat strange, but there are grooms that will actually spread a little bit of glitter on their jackets. Not thick mind you, but taking a brush and applying a little bit of glitter everywhere on the jacket, very lightly so that it’s not necessarily apparent to people who aren’t right next to you, will definitely spice up the pictures and people will swear you were glowing on your wedding day.
4. Wear a bit more bling. Many guys aren’t really used to wearing a lot of jewelry, but maybe you can make an exception on the day you get married. Maybe wear your high school or college ring, if it can fit on a finger other than the one you’ll be putting your wedding ring on. Do you have any other rings you can wear or borrow for the day for the other hand? Maybe think of a gold or silver chain. Diamond or gold cufflinks are a nice touch as well. Anything that bring some sparkle to you on this day is fine; just don’t forget to give people back their stuff afterwards.moncler jackets
Dodano 8 lat temu; 06.03.2012, 07:44:34
Women's Fashion, a multi-billion dollar a year industry, has become horribly overrated and very pretentious. Over the past decade or so, there has been an explosion in on-line women's fashion websites, stores and TV shows. Largely, fashion and accessories sold today is either too expensive for these economic times, or is a recycled idea from yester-year. If it doesn't fall into one of those two categories, then quite often it falls into a third category "very impractical".replica watch

The popularity of fashion TV shows, magazines and websites seem to better serve fashion industry professionals than potential customers, where the industry professionals strive hard to keep feeding the cash cow. The saturation of "all things fashion" has become so intense, that in current times it seems that any individual can deem themselves a designer, or a fashion expert.moncler jackets

The boundaries keep being pushed with what is considered tasteful or stylish in the effort to create something new and interesting. This might mean multiple different types of clashing prints, designs, etc. Regardless of how it is presented, who is presenting it, or what sort of "snob approach" to selling is crafted, the wheel of fashion really is just being reinvented.Breitling Replica Watches

Another interesting point to consider is that many designers and fashion-insiders do not dress very mainstream, and quite often, the general buying public would not be caught dead in what they are wearing. Should we all start wearing a fur hat inside the office? Knowing this, why should we be so quick to jump onto the next fashion bandwagon and buy any of the items that they are selling? Isn't beauty subjective and in the eye of the beholder? Why are we letting fashion editors and fashion magazines dictate how and why we should dress as women?Replica Rolex Watches

The pretentiousness has grown tiresome and the constant critiquing and analyzing of what is rapidly approaching the world of costume versus fashion needs a dramatic overhaul. What we need are quality, well-fitting,practical clothes offered at reasonable prices. We do not need a bunch of blow-hard individuals telling us what we should and should not be wearing.

Women's Fashion should take note and start bringing more innovation from a perspective of comfort and practicality, not shocking or uncomfortable. While the entire world spins around women's fashion, no world spins around men's. This further drives home the message that industry insiders are busy feeding the fashion cash cow. Afterall, women are much more prodigious spenders when it comes to fashion. Please, enough already!

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